Mini Highland Games

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Tossing Cabers & Tug O' Wars

Mini Highland Games are a fantastic group and team building activity and always full of laughs.

Our team of kilted instructors will be on hand to encourage and coach, and help to make your experience great fun, safe and very memorable.

“...Gilmerton is very good for corporate groups – they always enjoy it – my clients love the hot port with falconry, at the end of outdoor events, especially in the cold weather.”

Fiona Elworthy
gilmerton mini highland games

Mini Highland Games for groups of 20 to 200

The Mini Highland Games at Gilmerton are ideal for groups of 20 to 200, and usually take 2 to 3 hours.

You’ll be formed into teams or Scottish clans to participate in around 6 different activities, led by a clan chieftain. These may include: tossing the caber, tug o’ wars, haggis hurling, throwing wellies, tyre flips, as well as, possibly, one or two less energetic activities such as learning to play the chanter or drums. Each activity is scored and there are prizes for the winning team and individuals, as well as wooden spoons for losers.

Here’s more to whet your appetite…

Tossing the Caber

We use sensible-sized mini cabers, not telegraph poles! Participants are shown how to lift the caber, and hold it properly for maximum throwing potential. Clan members are scored on the distance they have thrown the caber.

Tug O’ War

Guests compete in their teams in a knockout competition. Great fun for both spectators and participants this not only adds a really competitive edge to the day but makes for an exhilarating finale!

Haggis Hurling

The “world famous” sport of Haggis Hurling involves participants standing on an upturned half whisky barrel, hurling their haggis into the target ahead of them. Nearest the bulls eye wins!

Welly Throwing

A Scottish favourite! The aim of this is to simply throw your rubber boot, otherwise known as a ‘Welly’ as far as you can. Not as easy as it sounds and everyone has their own technique!

Farmers’ Dash

A fantastic head to head relay between two competing teams with wheel barrows carrying bales, providing a hilarious spectacle with fellow team mates cheering on.

We can also arrange less energetic indoor Highland Games.

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